• Now we are even stronger


    In June two new injection moulding machines arrive for Makeni's already powerful fleet of equipment: one machine with a clamping force of 300 metric tonnes and one with a clamping force of 500 metric tonnes. With the newly purchased machines, Makeni can increase the production capacity, while ensuring it can meet an increased demand.

    For Makeni it is always important to satisfy the customer's needs and to maintain its short delivery times. With even more machines and greater production capacity, Makeni is equipped for the future and ready for even more projects.

    Engel injection moulding machine

  • Yet another giant takes its place


    Makeni is now supplementing its fleet of equipment with yet another giant – an Engel, with a clamping force of 1000 metric tonnes. The new injection moulding machine is perfect for manufacturing large and complex items, which are often to be found in the automotive industry.

    It can also produce items unmanned, guaranteeing a cost-efficient production for the customer. The machine has a clamping force of 1000 metric tonnes, with associated full servo robot, and a seven-metre-long Z-axis for handling an advanced packaging cell.

    Engel 1000T

  • The Wheels Are Spinning at Full Speed


    The wheels are spinning at full speed, and Makeni's production is witnessing a strong increase. It is, above all, components for the new Volvo V90 and S90 that are behind this growth. Makeni currently supplies the majority of the plastic components that are part of Volvo's SPA platform, i.e. the platform for Volvo's new 90 models.

    Being a Volvo supplier places enormous demands on quality and security of supply.

    At present, we are a proud supplier to several of the major players in the automotive industry such as, for example, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, etc. We have plenty of experience, genuine know-how, a large production capacity, the best equipment imaginable as well as skilled and committed personnel.

    This makes us a stable, reliable and future-proof cooperation partner.

    Volvo V90